Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back To School!!

Fifth Graders,

I hope you enjoyed your extended weekend!  Wow, another 4 day weekend, don't get used to those!  Hopefully this cold weather is working its way out of Chicago and we can some full weeks of school.  We sure have a lot to catch up on!

Red Ribbon Week has been postponed until next week.  Please remind me this week to review what we're celebrating each day.  We can write it in our assignment books for next week so you are well prepared!

This is a reminder that your January letters are due tomorrow.  Please see me right away in the morning if yours is not done.  I reminded you on Friday to take everything home with you in case of these "cold days."  Hopefully they are all finished!  See below on an earlier blog post if you need the directions again.

Tomorrow is a normal Wednesday schedule.  Please be sure to wear (or bring) your gym shoes as we have PE in the morning.

Stay warm and see you tomorrow!
Ms. Patton

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